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"A photographic journey through the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan", August 2022

Exposing what life looks like in Afghanistan after a 20-year US occupation and the Taliban's stunning and rapid takeover, TED Fellow and documentary photographer Kiana Hayeri captures harrowing glimpses and multifaceted realities of a war-torn country. Through the lens of her camera, she documents devastation and deferred dreams -- but also resilient hope and spirit.

Kiana's TED Talk at the Global TED 2021 Conference in Vancouver, Canada:
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"A photographer gives an inside look at the fall of Kabul, her longtime home" for National Geographic (August 2021)

"Kiana Hayeri chronicles the Afghan city’s tension, her evacuation, and the guilt she feels for leaving people behind.
Photographer Kiana Hayeri has lived in Kabul for the past seven years. For National Geographic, she chronicled the changes across Afghanistan as a generation born under relative freedom faces a future under Taliban control.
Kabul is her home. But on Sunday, August 15, the day the Taliban seized Kabul and the Afghan government fell, Hayeri had to evacuate. The Iranian-Canadian journalist spoke to National Geographic about what the city was like the day it fell, how she’s trying to help Afghan friends and colleagues, and the uncertain future that women face under the Taliban.
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Overheard Podcast for National Geographic: Episode 5: Portraits of Afghanistan before the fall (August 2021)

Twenty years since the 9/11 attacks and the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban have once again seized power of the country. In the months leading up to the fall of the nation’s capital, National Geographic photographer Kiana Hayeri and writer Jason Motlagh heard the stories of young Afghans struggling for a better future.
National Geographic podcast:
Episode 5: Portraits of Afghanistan before the fall

Kiana Hayeri

Iranian-Canadian photographer, focusing on migration, identity and sexuality in societies dealing with oppression or conflict.
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