Books & Prints - "When Cages Fly" (2024)

"When Cages Fly" (2024)

"When Cages Fly" is an unconventional photobook born out of an unconventional story captured inside Herat Women's Prison, Afghanistan. The underlying story, "Where Prison Is a Kind Of Freedom,” originally featured in The New York Times Magazine, sheds light on the lives of women incarcerated for liberating themselves from abusive and violent marriages through drastic measures. Awarded the prestigious Robert Capa Gold Medal in 2020, this magazine feature served as the inspirational cornerstone for this book.

Divided into three compelling chapters, "When Cages Fly," with its innovative and interactive design, beckons viewers to engage actively, granting them agency to explore the confines of the prison and delve into the poignant narratives of these resilient women.

"When Cages Fly" 
ISBN 978-1-7380935-0-2
225 x 175 mm
Photographer + Author: Kiana Hayeri
Design: Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo / Raya Editorial
1st edition - March 2024

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Books & Prints - "When Cages Fly" (2024)

Kiana Hayeri

Iranian-Canadian photographer, focusing on migration, identity and sexuality in societies dealing with oppression or conflict.
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